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How Project Boards Revolutionize Social Media Management

Are you a micromanager when it comes to your tasks? Looking for a system that lets you control even the smallest aspects of your to-do list? Then you need to consider using a project board.

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Third-Party Automation Services to Connect Your Social Media Accounts

If you're using Instamacro to automate your Instagram, why not use third-party services to automate your Instagram and other social networks?

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Everything You Need to Know About Cross Promotion

If you’ve been on social media for awhile, you’ve probably heard of the concept of cross promotion. This involves using your other social networks to promote another of your social networks. For instance, you might tweet a link to your Instagram to encourage your Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram as well.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Keep Customers Interested

You may think that gaining a follow or a like is the hardest part in dominating online platforms. However, marketing via social media is an ongoing process. If you're doing it right, you will be raising your brand awareness as well as increasing your customer’s loyalty. But, getting your audience to be engaging is a lot more difficult in recent times, due to the bombardment of posts and messages from all of the other social media accounts and adverts, that will be on their personalized feeds related to your industry. What's to stop your potential, or previous customers from unfollowing you, if they deem that you are not worth their loyalty? How do you stand out from the plethora of businesses and companies, trying to attract the attention of every single person that they can? If you have acquired a decent following, but feel like you are not able to communicate with your audience, then try some of these tips to improve your chances of a successful marketing campaign.

Coupons and incentives
Everyone loves money off, especially if they think it's a limited time deal. By offering monetary reduction incentives, it can lead to customers sharing your post and talking about your brand to their friends. This doesn't have to be bank breaking giveaways; the simplest free offers can sometimes work the best. If the offer is believable, more people will be eager to participate. As an example, if you offered the chance to win a free iPhone, over giving out a free branded hat with every order, the branded hat post would produce more of a buzz.

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